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Alignment Planning Solutions

Between vision and viability there are important decisions to make

Trimble Quantm Software helps you plan a new rail, road or highway project more rapidly with lower construction costs. Beginning with your vision and ending with a viable infrastructure product, Trimble supports you with the most advanced alignment planning solutions in the industry.

Trimble Quantm Software makes it easier to...

  • Consider all feasible alternatives to help make the best decisions
  • Plan for sustainability with better environmental and public outcomes
  • Invest in a better future by reducing capital and operating expenses
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Industry Solutions

Process railway alignments of any size so planners, engineers and stakeholders can collaborate and reduce planning time.

Highspeed Train HIGH SPEED RAIL

High speed rail planners and designers can now minimize the environmental and social impact of projects and reduce construction costs.

Highway ROAD

Design a major highway, a bypass, realignments, or even a mining haul road with more collaboration and in less time.

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